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New York Public Library Medal: Leonard baskin

The New York Public Library Medal

ENGRAVER:Leonard Baskin

ARTIST/MAKER:Medallic Art Co.

RELATED PERSON:The New York Public Library

DATE: 1961

MEDIUM: Bronze; cardboard, paper, cloth, silk

DIMENSIONS: case: 3 7/8 x 3 7/8 x 11/16 in. ( 9.8 x 9.8 x 1.7 cm ) diameter: 2 1/2 in. ( 6.4 cm )

MARKS: Inscription: case lid, inside, center: "Medallic Art Co./New York"

DESCRIPTION: Bronze struck medal with obverse showing double-faced head with elderly sage looking downward representing learning and wisdom, at left, and upward-looking youth reflecting hope through aspiration to knowledge, at right; legend above: "EX SCIENTIA SPES" ("FROM KNOWLEDGE, HOPE"). Reverse shows sun emitting rays of light flanked by two classical columns adorned with fruit garlands; inscription below: "THE/NEW YORK/PUBLIC LIBRARY/1961." Black square cardboard fitted case with green silk velvet lining.


1957 Gerhart Johann Hauptmann, German Dramatist and Novelist, Literary Medal, Buderus, Sold with Hauptmann's The Sunken Bell

Gerhart Hauptmann bronze memorial medal (1957) with foundry name on back, sold with first edition of Nobel Prize winning Hauptmann's " The Sunken Bell; A Fairy Play in Five Acts," Tr., Charles Henry Meltzer, New York, Doubleday, 1899. 


Antique Books


Antique Books

Three leather bound books of the works of Flavius Josephus, including Three Dissertations Concerning Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, James the Just and God's Command to Abraham,  Tr. William Whiston, Armstrong and Plaskitt, Baltimore, 1832.



Five French military watercolors by artist A. Robert from the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71)  being offered together. 

“Franc Tireur” refers to free shooters and mercenaries who fought with the French against the Prussians.  Not part of the regular Army, they operated outside rules of War. 

Franc Tireur des Ardennes
Belgium, near Luxembourg

Franc Tireur de la haute Loire
Central France in Auvergne, Rhône

Franc Tireur de la Seine
The Seine River from Paris to Rouen

An ordinary seaman and member of crew

Light infantry soldiers from French North Africa

Philip Evergood: "Portrait of Julia" Cooper Plate Engraving

“Portrait of my Wife” (1962)

Steel faced copper engraving plate done in conjunction with Philip Evergood’s oil painting, “Portrait of My Wife” illustrated in Kendall Taylor’s Philip Evergood; Never Separate  From The Heart, available for purchase in Bookstore. Click below.

What is a copper plate engraving? Check out this link!



Puck History

The Republican Pharisees; “ It is the Pharisees who do this; the men who go to church on Sunday, and on the next day give money to those scoundrels, well knowing how it is to be used.”


Joseph Keepler

Puck History

The first successful humor magazine in America of cartoons, caricatures and political satire, founded  in 1871  by Joseph Keppler, an Austrian born cartoonist who did many of its illustrations, two shown here.   It came out weekly until it ceased publication in 1918.

This is the “pull” that Civil Service reform has with the Administration


Louis Dalrymple

The new Salon de Tammany; “ We are the 400—and McAllester is not in it.“



The Democratic Samson sends his fusion foxes among the Republican Philistines


Joseph Keppler

A False Move

Title: A False Move

Maker(s) &Production:

T. J. & J. Mayer, factory, England, Staffordshire, Longport, Dale Hall

Production Note:

The cartoon refers to the 'Durham Letter', written by Lord John Russell on the threatened assumption of ecclesiastical titles by the Roman Catholic bishops. It has been much reproduced.


lead-glazed earthenware


Prattware pot lid

circa 1850 1900




mid-late 19th Century; Victoria I


White earthenware, moulded and decorated underglaze with a multicolour transfer print. Circular. On top of lid 'A False Move', inscribed 'Check to your Queen John.' and 'Pooh pooh your Bishop/is out of his place man.'; yellow leaf border inscribed at the bottom 'A FALSE MOVE'; black key plate.


moulding; whole
transfer-printing; decoration; multicoloured
glazing (coating); whole; presumed lead glaze


earthenware; whole
glaze; whole


white earthenware, moulded and decorated underglaze with a multicolour transfer print, black key plate


Korean Ancestor Portrait

19th Century/early 20th, Korean patriarch ancestor portrait, shown seated wearing ornately decorated robe and pearls.Gilt framed and museum archival matted.


Primitive wooden powder flask, 19th century


Mark Twain Uniform Editions - Author's National Edition in Red Cloth

Mark Twain's collected works, authorized uniform edition, 1909-1916, 24 volumes, Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London, authors national edition. 

Click link for more information.



Barristers' Legal Scale


19th century British brass and wood barrister’s legal scale of justice. 


Zenith Trans-Oceanic Wave-Magnet Radio


WWII  Zenith Trans-oceanic Wave-Magnet used in Second World War effort with original booklet as to wave lengths.  

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