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Half Baked

A memoir of deep reflection, Half Baked is an identity story chronicling the author's experience of being taken from the oven too soon and forced to grow up prematurely.  It's a life manufactured from nothing with stints as a reporter for AFRTS, the Armed Forces Radio/TV Service in Libya, a Hollywood television writer and on-air commentator, and ultimately a noted scholar and acclaimed biographer. Some of it may amuse or make you sad, even have you wondering, how could she have done that?  It's all about evolving into the person she wanted to become: Kendall Taylor, a fabricated name embodying the character of someone who understood how the world worked, what she wanted and how to achieve it.  


Forthcoming Books


The Girls in the Woods

Accounts of Jewish resistance against Nazi oppression increasingly are being published, but Kendall Taylor's new book is one of the great untold stories of the Holocaust. It's inspiring tale of bravery and determination that tells the true story of nine teenage Jewish girls, the youngest eight, the oldest, nineteen, who survived in the primordial forests of Russia and Poland under the harshest conditions. Many had fled ghettos on liquidation day, escaped from forced labor camps, jumped off deportation trains or crawled form death pits where their families were massacred. Once in the woods, some fought as partisans, served as scouts or nurses, supported guerrilla warfare by working in family camps, or bravely struggled on their own. Moving from forest to forest one step ahead of their enemies, each exhibited incredible courage, ingenuity and heroism in a time of despair.